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The number 13

The number 13 is lucky for some, and for others not so much. Often Christians think of this specific figure as a source of misfortune. It all begins at the last meal of Jesus (the Last Supper), there were 13 members, Christ and his apostles at the table. The 13th guest is Judas, the man who betrays Jesus by entrusting him to the Romans. The son of God was judged and crucified the next day, a Friday.

In France, superstition is also linked to Friday, October 13, 1307. It is on this precise date that all the French Templars are arrested on the orders of Philippe le Bel. The 23rd and last master of the Order of the Temple, Jacques de Molay would throw to the spectators of his death, at the stake: "you will all be cursed, until the thirteenth generation". It was then that a succession of misfortunes fell on the royal family.

Through stories We see numerous cases of superstition bringing bad luck, but towards Pagans it's quite the contrary...instead it brings good luck. The number 13 recalls the number of full moons in a year.

It is also important to know some anecdotes about number 13 :

The triskaïdékaphobie which is the phobia of the number 13, however, that of Friday 13 is called in two different ways: the paraskevidékatriaphobie. Note that Napoleon was triskaidekaphobia.

Surprisingly, hotels and hospitals can skip the 13th floor and replace it with a 12 bis in order not to disturb superstitious customers. There are even airports that voluntarily skip the 13th gate. This type of organization is also found in planes; the thirteenth row is often absent.

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