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He commits suicide because of Victoria's Secret fashion

On August 26, 1993, a man committed suicide by jumping from the San Francisco Bridge, the Golden Gate. His name is Roy Raymonds, and what precipitates him in his downfall is his wife's lingerie.

It all started in 1977, wanting to give his wife a gift, he decided to give her some erotic lingerie. Only he feels uncomfortable in these underwear shops. What bothers him is that there is no middle ground between low-end, low-cost underwear and luxury lingerie.

Roy Raymonds then had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a store that would sell good quality lingerie at reasonable prices. He chooses to call her Victoria's Secret after the British Queen's Victorian and velvet fashion. Confident in himself, he borrows $ 80,000 from the bank and his family to embark on the creation of his project. A year after opening his first store, he earns $ 500,000 which allows him to open two new stores across the country and a mail order catalog.

In 1982, he aspired to invest in new businesses and sold Victoria Secret for $ 1 million to Lexlie Wexsner. Unfortunately, all of his projects go bankrupt. At the same time the new owner of the lingerie chain develops it, until it becomes an empire. Victoria Secret generates more than $ 1 billion a year and is becoming the most popular underwear brand worldwide.

Roy Raymonds is then utterly ruined and depressed to see the growing success of Victoria's Secret, which he sold a few years earlier. Thus, he ended up committing suicide in 1993 from the top of the Golden Gate.

The call of money therefore makes mistakes, and only time can change everything.

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