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The most unusual and frightening death !

Nutty Putty Cave has only one entrance, it was discovered in the 1960s and is located in Utah in the United States. Here is the plan of the cave :

This cave closed its doors to visitors in 2006 and then reopened in early 2009. On November 24th of the same year, John Edward Jones and 10 other fellow explorers entered this place! While John had decided to take a different route from his companions in the cave, he was found soon after stuck in a 25x45 cm cavity. Being unable to extricate himself, hundreds of rescuers came to his aid. But to get him out of there, considering the geometry of the tunnel, required to break John's 2 legs, which would have been probably fatal. John Edward then died after 28 hours stuck in the cave. That space is now sealed and John's body is forever inside.

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