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Rare DIOR documentary

On October 8th, 1946, the DIOR company was created, then inaugurated on December 16th. At the origin of this empire is a man : Christian Dior. He managed to create his fashion house thanks to Marcel Boussac who helped him with the initial funding and even offered him a fashion house in his name.

It is in this context that the couturier Christian Dior thus embarked on fashion and haute couture.

On February 12th, 1947, Christian Dior presented its first fashion show. The highlighted collection changed from the pre-war female silhouette. No more tall, round breasts, no more semi-covered legs or even waisted waists. It is with this collection (which will later be nicknamed New Look) that he created the New Look dresses that have been a real trend.

New Look dress worn by Renée Breton in 1949.

In the same year, he launched his perfume company "DIOR" as a parallel. His first product is "Miss DIOR".

He writes: "In my opinion, it is as important for a woman to have a subtle perfume with elegant outfits". The first fragrance, launched as a limited edition in 1947, is called Miss Dior. Also in 1947, He left for the United States to receive his Oscar for his first collection, but also to further expand his brand. It was therefore in the United States in 1949 that the well-known DIOR stockings were launched. On April 23rd , a rare DIOR documentary from 1949 appeared on YouTube, in addition, it is in French!

Watch it here :

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