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It's time to smoke !

Dernière mise à jour : 12 janv. 2021

You should know that April 20 is the day dedicated to cannabis in all its forms. Tradition has it that smokers consume it at 4:20 pm, hence its name 420 (04:20 English time). What is the origin of this day? It is still unclear since nothing has been proven but some theories have been put forward ...

While some believe 420 is named after the number of chemicals in a cannabis plant, others believe April 20 is the perfect day to plant its plants. These 2 theories were later denied because a cannabis plant contains around 500 chemical species and the ideal period for planting does not depend on the day of planting but on its climate.

Another theory is that 420 is a code used by the American police to report the presence of cannabis. 420 would mean homicide for law enforcement.

All these thoughts were sooner or later denied, but a legend that is still relevant today and seems more plausible than any other story is that of student researchers of the green plant. In the 1970s, a group of friends "The Waldos" supposedly met after school at 4:20. Every day when they gathered at this hour, the legend says that they left in search of a secret plantation of grass. The hideout was never discovered, but the time stayed and eventually became a code name used by the whole school, and then by the entire population of the United States.

The true origin of cannabis is really still unknown, but the day celebrating the plant will remain on the calendars for a while. The world is full of 192 million hemp smokers, a figure constantly increasing when the debates in different regions of the globe are around decriminalization of cannabis. But by the way, what are the origins of cannabis?

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