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Summer is approaching and you still haven't found your pair of sunglasses?

Not to panic, Grunge News is here for you, to inspire you. In this new culture point, we invite you to follow the footsteps of the first original sunglasses, their design, etc. According to historians, the first sunglasses appeared in prehistoric times thanks to an indigenous people. Indeed, it was the Inuit people! They wore ivory masks protecting the eyes from the sun's rays reflected by the snow. They were called "snow goggles".

The first glasses were therefore created to protect against the refraction created from the sun's rays. Glasses are traditionally made of different driftwood, bone and ivory. The materials used are adapted to the shapes of the user's face with a narrow horizontal slit. Light passes only through the slit or soot is deposited to reduce glare. In addition, these narrow slits reduce the amount of light and improve visual acuity.

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