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Why Wednesday ?

Until the Second World War, films were regularly released on Fridays. In France, the population had a day off on Sunday and this allowed cinemas to gather a maximum of people in theaters on weekends. However, Saturday became a second day off for the population. The films were then released on Thursday to have time to resolve issues with the films on Friday, if there were any. Theaters were dealing with having to receive large flows of people on weekends.

In the 1970s the film release day had changed once again. School Children had a new day off in the week, Wednesday, so they could enjoy their day. Activities consisted in going to the theaters, for example.

However, this Wednesday release date had a significant impact on the audience for television programs. It was therefore in 1990 that a decree was put in place to prohibit free television channels from broadcasting a feature film on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening.

Only pay channels such as Canal + can broadcast the content they want.

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