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Where does the hot dog come from ?

The hot dog is among the most consumed sandwiches in the United States with more than 20 billion sold each year, but let's go back to its history: Sausages were already eaten 1500 years BC by Babylonians and Chinese. Homer also mentions the term in

"The Odyssey."

It was in the Middle Ages that the sausage developed worldwide, but the Hot Dog appeared much later. One version announces that it was a New York sausage seller who once asked a baker to provide him with buns on which he would place the sausage so that his client would not get burned by taking the hot sausage in question.

Another says that it all started in 1871; a butcher of German origin, Charles Feltman, simply served sausages in rolls, in his kiosk in Coney Island, a small seaside resort in New York. The term Hot Dog then appeared thanks to the arrival in the United States of a dog, the dachshund, brought by German immigrants. Indeed often compared to a sausage because of the length of its body, the latter would therefore give its name "Dog" (Dog in French) to the sandwich to justify the questionable origin of the meat. Grunge News thanks you for your loyalty !

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