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Where does the hookah come from ?

The hookah or shisha is not a modern accessory. This object went through different eras before being used by more than 100,000 million people on a daily basis.

The original name of the hookah, "Nargil" refers to"coconut" in Persian. Indeed, originally the tank of this variant of the water pipe was a coconut with two holes, one which served as a chimney and the other for the pipe.

The origins of the hookah are not very clear, many countries claim to be the father of the object. However, the first traces of hookah use date back to around 1300 years ago in Ethiopia. However, with numerous studies, researchers are opposed to thinking that Ethiopia is the original nest of shisha. Some say it even comes from India.

Hookah really became popular in society when it was integrated into public cafes in the Middle East in the 15th century.

The hookah has also long been present at diplomatic meetings, as a sign of distinction.

Image from the french movie OSS 117: Cairo's Nest of Spies

However, health is largely impaired when an individual smokes shisha. A puff of shisha is the same danger as a cigarette. 40 inhalations of this smoke is the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes that go into the lungs. Passive smokers are not spared either; spending an hour next to a smoker in a shisha bar is like consuming six cigarettes.

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