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The search for a universal language

Each population has its dialect, not everyone lives in the same place, why ?

According to the Bible, the cause would be the Tower of Babel !

This Tower is an episode of the Bible that is part of Genesis (first book of the Bible) in the Old Testament. Until the construction of this Tower, Men had all spoken one language since the birth of the world. But everything was turned upside down when King Nimrod ordered the construction of a tower that would touch the sky. The goal was to prove the power of men to God. However, this will had not been appreciated by the Creator and so he decided to punish Humanity. He scattered men all over the globe and assigned, to each population, a language of their own. In this way, Men would no longer be able to understand each other. Men then stopped the construction of the Tower which later collapsed.

This myth could explain the origin of the different languages which exist around the world and the dispersion of Men on Earth.

The account of the Tower of Babel has become a symbol for the punishment that God inflicted on Men because of their pride.

What do you think of this myth ?

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