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The first TV show

April 26th, 1935 marked the day of the first official broadcast. It was essentially a program where only French Minister Georges Mandel and a few other amateurs were able to attend 103 rue de la Grenelle.

It was the famous actress, Béatrice Bretty, who was thus the first face that the French discovered on television. Make-up, blue eyelids, mouth in black in order to increase the contrasts erased by the power of the projectors, seated on her chair, is how she inaugurated the first French television program.

It was at 8:15 pm that the show began. It told the first viewers of its memories of a tour of French comedy in Italy. Her first words and therefore the first in the history of French television were :

"Nous avons fait un beau voyage." which means : “We had a great trip."

However, she did not have a magical memory of this first moment. Her perspective was described as the spotlights being lit up so strongly that the temperature only increased like a furnace. The actress later said:"When the lights were lit, my martyrdom began. I can say that I really had a taste of hell. I felt like I was smoking, my brain was going to boil and my eyes were burning to the point of making the text that had been prepared unreadable. "

The studio where the first French TV show took place. The broadcasted program lasted 20 minutes. These 20 minutes ranked futuristic objects for the next 20 years ; the television.

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