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The best-selling toy !

The best-selling toy in Europe in the 80s is none other than the Barbie doll.

With her long legs, blond hair and sparkling eyes, this doll had everything imaginable and seductive, making feminists of the time... shudder. Barbie was created in 1959 by designer Jack Ryan who gave her the diminutive name of his daughter, Barbara. Since 1961, the doll has had a man by her side, Ken, and since 1964, a little sister named Skipper. Barbie was able to speak in 1969, which

captured the hearts of many children. In her dream world, the doll lived in the company of 2 cats and 4 horses ! A candy pink world where stereotypes of the “perfect woman” dominate.

Sales of this toy were exponential. Indeed, between 1960 and 1990 700 million barbies were sold, dethroning the sales of the 3rd world manufacturer of games and toys: Mattel. Now the doll is one of the most contested toys by feminists because of the idyllic image that this toy leaves to children! Grunge News thanks you for your loyalty !

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