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The Beatles disaster !

On August 15th, 1965 the Beatles were the first artists to perform in a stadium. This event was one of the biggest rock concerts in history. They performed at Shea Stadium, New York baseball stadium where 55,600 fans were impatiently waiting for them. The group then arrived at 9:15 pm at the stadium, which was sold out, in a heap of shouts from the fans. 2000 security officers were present for the occasion with the instructions: that no fan enters the lawn, to protect the group and their ears. New amplifiers of 100 watts were used for the occasion but were completely powerless in the face of the din of the noise of the crowd ! As a result, neither the group nor the audience could have heard a clear note during this concert.

John Lennon later admitted that the screams of the fans seemed so "wild" that it was impossible for him to hear himself speak and to hear the other members of the group speaking, playing and singing. During the performance, the Beatles were filmed by several cameras in order to make a documentary of the concert. But, because of the deafening noise of the fans, the recorded sound was so bad, that in the studio the artists had to rework the music to correct the defects of the music played as best as possible.

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