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Spaghetti grows in trees ...

On April 1st, 1957, BBC viewers discovered through a report where the spaghetti came from: trees !! Indeed this dish is still little known to the general public and the British often consume this pasta in cans without knowing where it comes from.

To illustrate this hoax, a whole report of more than 2 min was created and edited. In the video, We see a family in Switzerland picking spaghetti from the trees, and the document states that the harvest this year was rather good due to a mild winter.

There were an estimated 8 million people outside their stations watching the BBC on April 1st. In the days following the report, many viewers called the BBC to question the truth of the story or to ask for more information about growing spaghetti.

The BBC then replied: "Place a piece of spaghetti in tomato sauce and be optimistic."

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