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Results of the 2020 BAC

France :

While the school year is shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, the results of the 2020 bac were available yesterday from 8:30 a.m. on the National Education website. Students then had to go to their high schools to pick up their baccalaureate transcripts.

2020 was not a year like any other for these young students! The baccalaureate being awarded on the continuous assessment, the new baccalaureate holders already knew approximately their final mark and their potential grade.

With this exceptional criterion for obtaining the baccalaureate, it records a historic success with an absolute record of 91.5%, an increase of 13.7% compared to 2019!

The Ministry of National Education has decided to round up all annual averages to the higher unit. This upgrading of grades is undoubtedly the consequence of such a large number of high school graduates in 2020.

During this difficult period, a harmonization jury was set up to recognize or not a student, according to the following criteria:

- The jury took into account the assessments of the report card for the Terminale terms (Senior Year) and the attendance mark. These elements reflect the efforts made by the student during confinement. In addition, the grades and reviews of Première (Junior Year) and Seconde (Sophomore year) served as an indicator for the jury.

- If you had 11.5 general average in Terminale (Senior year) over the first two quarters, you should receive the BAC without mention. However, the jury still took into account your assessments on the ballot and the other elements mentioned above. If they were favorable, you certainly received a Fair enough rating.

This 2020 baccalaureate has already come under strong criticism, but some high school graduates remain optimistic and see this baccalaureate as a reward for tireless work for 2 terms.

The Grunge News team congratulates you on obtaining the BAC, if you didn't get it, hang in there, you will get it!

As for Mr. MACRON, he has a message for all high school graduates …

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