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Director, he tells us ...

Recently, on Grunge News, we have been mentioning the art of cinema. To continue,

the team came into contact with the young director, Enzo MARTINEZ, to tell us about

his inspirations, his point of view on cinema, etc, ...

Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

My name is Enzo Martinez, I am 19 years old and I am an actor. I made my first

57-minute film at the age of 18, which I wrote, directed and in which I play the character

of Achilles.

What are your studies ?

I come from a literary baccalaureate, which I conducted in parallel with the

pre-production of my film. I am currently (well before this confinement "laughing") at the

conservatory of dramatic arts with an objective of taking a professional direction in


Can you tell us the plot of your film "Until the last breath" ?

The plot is about a teenager, Achilles, who is tormented between conflicts with his

mother, following many lies since the character's childhood. His mother finds herself

recurring from cancer, which she hid from her son. The film's gaze is focused on this

adolescent who, in parallel with this conflictual relationship with his past and his mother,

meets a young girl who helps him grow and exalt his feelings.

You made the film "Until the last breath", what were your inspirations ?

I’m going to say something that may seem like a "simple" answer, but one of my

inspirations is "life." In other words, what surrounds me, what makes me vibrate

aesthetically, sometimes the journey of loved ones, sometimes deep feelings that live in

me ...

How would you describe your film ?

The first draft of a young person who is full of passion for cinema and who needs that

to express himself and be fulfilled.

Can you tell us about a typical day of filming ?

I led this film independently, from funding to casting to the promotion of it. I am fairly

self-taught. So the typical day I'm going to tell you, would not be the same as if I had

been produced on a high budget. Then again, I don't know if I am the best person on this

shoot to tell about "a typical day" as I was on all fronts and stressed to manage the

unexpected, my staging, focus on my game and trying to stay objective on my first job.

It was a real exercise !

You said you wanted to make your first film at the age of 10, what's in the mind of this

10-year-old child ?

As I said at the beginning of the interview, my imagination for this 10-year-old story was

not as developed as it is today, with the maturity that I have acquired. I learned to take

the time to do things, it is a long work on myself that I continue to do both by my

impatience to get there and by my desire to do well.

The evolution of cinema has been rapid, how do you see it in 10 years ?

To my great fault, but that I try to work, I have a culture of cinema that is far too weak. I

am aware of this, and we are fortunate to have this plurality of proposals with all the

platforms that allow access to various content and therefore this access to culture. I try

to be careful not to watch "too popular things", but I have to work on this point

absolutely. So I would say that I don't feel experienced and legitimate enough to answer

the question.

What do you like about being a director ?

I particularly like the cinema of authors, because I like this freedom to create, to stage,

without necessarily this constraint of "pleasing everyone". I like directing, showing

through in reality what has been ripening in my head for months before. I like to stage

and just share. A set does not work without a director, but the director does not work

without the whole team with which he is surrounded.

In your opinion, what is the strength of cinema ?

It's a wide choice, there is something for everyone. It brings together, it divides, it forges

personal opinion. He puts us in front of situations and things of life which we do not

always realize alone without the help of art, for me it is a real force that we have us,

human today.

How would you define the 7th art in 3 words ?

Inexhaustible, beautiful and sharing.

You are 18 years old, how do you see your films in 10 years ?

I hope to grow with my films to give them additional strength, that my culture is

enriched to enrich my work both as an actor and in directing.

What advice (s) would you give to someone who wants to get into film ?

I tend to repeat this phrase often, but just because you're young doesn't mean you can't

start your dreams. To this day, I haven't accomplished a lot for myself, I am trying to

stand out, learn and evolve to one day make my place, but I still have everything to prove

to myself and especially to others. So don't wait, go for your dreams !

Director Stanley Kubrick said, "The screen is a stand Magic. He has so much strength that he can hold attention by transmitting emotions and moods like no other art form cannot fight. " What do you think ?

I like it a lot, it actually matches what I said. This is magic.

Where do I start to make a film ? How to find the world that we need (producers, actors, makeup artists, props, ...) ?

The base I think ... I'm not going to tell you that this is simple. It is necessary

To have perseverance, that you believe in your project and in yourself to

convince others.

-Grunge News thanks you for your collaboration-

Trailer of "Jusqu'au dernier souffle" :

To have the best knowledge about the cinema, click here !


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