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Children addicted to wine

Until 1956, France believed and was convinced that alcohol made you stronger and helped you stay healthy. As a result, this drink was served in all school cafeterias. In some French regions it was ultimately safer to drink “pinard” rather than water. Pasteur even said: "Wine is the healthiest and most hygienic drink".

Wine companies targeted mainly young people in their advertisements, and therefore regularly offered schools advertising billboards praising the benefits of this alcohol. In addition, alcohol was considered to be excellent for killing viruses in the stomach and promoting growth.

The children went to school in the morning with their school supplies, and often along with half a liter of wine, beer or cider in the school bag. Cafeterias could even serve the children with wine if they wanted ! The Prime Minister under René Coty, Pierre Mendès France, therefore in 1956, tabled a bill which was passed, with the aim of changing the wine served in schools with a glass of milk !

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