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An innovative artist in Miami ...

In miami beach it is Ariel who makes us dream with her photos of a sharpness and a rare originality. An artist who knows how to innovate and make the spectator travel in his world where photography is queen.

Grunge News leaves you with her, enjoy with this exclusive interview, ..

Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Hello, my name is Ariel Swedroe. I am sixteen years old and I was born and raised in

Miami Beach. I am an incoming senior at Dash, where I study fashion design as my major.

When did you start photography ? How did you discover this type of art form ?

I started studying photography sophomore year of highschool. At first, I did it more for

my passion for styling clothes and putting looks together, but then I got my first camera and started to learn more about composition, lighting, angles, etc... I was inspired by other photographers and photography was always a way for me to express my passion for fashion.

Why do you take pictures ? Do you try to convey specific messages, for example, your pictures with masks ?

Before every shoot I like to make a pinterest board of the theme/ vibes of each

photoshoot. Every time it is different. I like to challenge myself and definitely create an atmosphere for the viewer to see what I was trying to portray. My pictures with my masks were about Earth Day, during the global pandemic and how, despite the unfortunate events, we have given our Earth a chance to breathe.

Do you study this medium? Would you want to be a professional photographer ?

I did not study photography in highschool. It is More of a learning process for me as I continue to do photoshoots. I don’t think I would become a photographer unless I was shooting for Vogue! I’m more passionate about the clothes I create and/or style in the photos.

Why did you decide to create this Instagram account ?

I created this Instagram more for my friends and family to see my work. Nothing too serious, I wasn’t expecting positive feedback from them and from random people as well! It is truly motivating. I get messages to do shoots with people I’ve never met before which is interesting, as it challenges me to improve my skills in every sense.

What is your favorite style of photography (fashion, landscape, macro, portraits ...) ? Why ?

My favorite style of photography would be fashion editorial. Any time I can create an atmosphere with eccentric clothing, or props brings out the creativity in me. Creating another world and atmosphere for the photograph is something very exciting. A photo can express so many different things, and I think it’s entertaining for the viewer to be transported into the scenery, into the other world through the photograph.

How do you choose your models ?

I have been blessed to have beautiful friends, who I use as my models. I did not plan that, but luckily two of my closest friends are beautiful girls (they are the ones mostly in my photos). They have become my muse because we understand each other, and we have a connection when taking pictures. For example I can tell them to do ridiculous things and they do it, with perfection. Recently I have been Direct Messaging people on Instagram if they would be willing to do a shoot, so I can add more content to my account.

What are your inspirations ?

I am greatly inspired by art history and their different time periods. I love the

renaissance, rococo, baroque. I think we can learn a lot from how they lived, the clothes they wore, and the extraordinary paintings.

Do you have a favorite photographer ?

I have a few favorite photographers, Tim Walker, Anne Leibovitz, and my favorite

editor, Franca Sozzani for Vogue Italia.

What are your favorite things in photography ? (shoots, makeup, photo retouch...)

My favorite thing in photography is styling the clothes and editing the pictures on

photoshop. Both things make a picture come to life and I think that's why I find it so exciting. I could spend hours editing photos, playing with filters and adding props.

Which pictures are you the most proud of ? Why ?

I love my siren picture, I was a youngarts finalist (national competition) with that

fashion collection. I Additionally love the image with the two girls laying in a flower field.. It really looks like a cover of a magazine. I have a new shoot coming soon with Elle Macpherson's son that I am really excited about. I also love my most recent shoot inspired by the renaissance painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

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