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Actor and son of the JFK murderer

American actor Woody Harrelson had no ordinary father. His father was an

American criminal !!!

Having only known him as a young child, the actor went through many archives in order to retrace his father's bandit history. He discovered that his father, Charles Harrelson had in fact started his career in banditry, with simple illegal bets.

He didn't stop there. From the beginning of the sixties, he had been convicted of armed robberies on several occasions. It was particularly in 1979 that everything had changed!

He had been found guilty of the murder of Judge John Wood. This was the first crime of a federal judge in the 20th century. During the interrogation, Charles Harrelson denied the facts, but to everyone's surprise, he confessed to having been one of the murderers of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

He was therefore sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2003, the case of Judge J. Wood resurfaced.

Joe Chagra declared Charles Harrelson innocent of this murder but he then confessed to having been involved in it.

Charles Harrelson on the right and his son, the actor Woody Harrelson on the right.

Despite the millions spent by his son and the temptation to obtain a new trial, nothing, nor that confession could have changed his fate caused by the alleged murderer of J.F.K. He ended up dying of cardiac arrest in prison in 2007.

The question still remains today, he certainly confessed to J.F.K.'s crime, but was it really him ? You may wonder, other mysteries surround the murder of the President of the United States, including that of Lady Babushka ?

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